navigation license navigation license

navigation license

There are 6 hours of course (2 theoretical and 4 practical). There is no exam, you only need a nautical medical certificate.

You must be minimum 16 years old (with parental authorization) to be able to drive all kinds of jet skis and boats up to 6 meters always in daytime navigation 2 miles from the port, marina or shelter place. Also, this license never expires!

You will learn:

  • Basic notions of navigation.
  • Passage preferences between vessels.
  • Interpret maritime beaconing.
  • Make essential knots.
  • Collision prevention rules.
  • How to dock and undock.
  • Choose a good place to anchor.
  • Basic notions of radio communications.
  • How to act in emergencies.

Course taught in Spanish and English.

Price: €150

Do you want to exchange your title for a Navigation License? You just have to do the 4 hours of practice, bring your title and the medical certificate.

Price: €125

6 metros
6 metros
Potencia ilimitada
2 millas náuticas
Navegación diurna


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